Saturday, April 20, 2013


Make no mistake - I'm going to write about the things I talked about in my introduction post. But this is just too adorable for me to ignore. This is a letter my little sisters wrote for me and my brother.

Here's what it says:

Now Open!
Amanda & Jane's Salon
Men & Women

Dear customer,

Please come to our Salon. We do many hair does. For example we have a classy dress and hair doe. God bless you!

Signed by
Amanda & Jane


Amanda and Jane are their self-given nicknames. I couldn't have asked for more adorable little sisters. Right after I told them I read the letter, the younger one offered me a haircut. I didn't get one, though, because I can't easily trust a 7-year-old kid who can't even style her own hair to not mess up on my hair. Still, I appreciated her offer.

Note: I have no fucking clue why the text is showing up like this.

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